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The pace of change in HR is accelerating. Time and activity management is becoming an essential internal showcase for the organization. Inetum Software supports companies and the public sector as they move towards more modern, simpler and more efficient workforce management.

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With over 800 customers, Chronotime Workplace is a leader in time and activity management software. With this solution, employees take control of their own schedules, managers optimize the time and activities of their teams, and the organization benefits from a consistent, fair and motivating HR policy.

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Boost your administrative productivity

Reduce data entry errors and improve HR processing.

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Optimize your
payroll control

Overtime, temporary work, fixed-term contracts, teleworking… Make your payroll management easier.

augmenter votre productivité administrative

Achieve real economies of scale

Streamline your expenses and time management with a single, multi-country software package.

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Whether they’re requesting time off, clocking in or out, or simply checking their diary, employees benefit from an intuitive interface that makes them 100% autonomous in their day-to-day work.

Over 80% of Chronotime Workplace screens open in less than 3 seconds, guaranteeing a high-performance service on computer, mobile or tablet.

With just one click, managers can access their teams’ schedules. They can validate leave, correct badging errors and delegate tasks, if necessary. The aim is to optimize payroll in real time and facilitate managers’ day-to-day work.

Whatever your business, your processes or your regulatory environment, Chronotime Workplace adapts to your challenges.

Available in Cloud mode, the solution integrates several languages as well as the latest regulations in force, such as the RGPD.

Thanks to an interface designed for the end-user, and with the help of its application deployment experts, Inetum Software supports you from start to finish.

From defining your needs through to implementation, Inetum Software’s specialists are with you every step of the way. Their ambition? To encourage everyone to adopt digital tools.

Workforce management (or WFM)

Workforce Management” encompasses all the processes, methods and tools implemented by a company or organization to manage its workforce and employee productivity as effectively as possible. The aim is not to reduce costs at all costs or drastically, but to ensure cohesion between the company’s needs and operational reality, while taking into account the well-being of its employees. A real challenge, and a constantly evolving process!

In the HR sector, we prefer to use the English term, as the notion of “workforce management” is broader than the notion of “workforce management”.

In a nutshell, workforce management is :

  • The right person with the right skills
  • In the right place
  • At the right time

Let’s take a customer service department as an example.

Good workforce management in this department means that, when a customer contacts you (whether by phone, e-mail, chat…), you have a sufficient number of employees and the right skills to deal with the request within an acceptable timeframe.

On the other hand, workforce management should also help you avoid mobilizing employees when, for example, the presence of a particular skill at a particular time of day would be useless.

The WFM is :

    • A true “operational commitment” that optimizes company operations.
    • An optimization approach specific to each company and even to each company department.
    • A process that needs to be constantly adapted and improved.

What impact does workforce management have on the well-being of company employees?

By implementing an optimized WFM process, we ensure that :

  • Employees mobilized for a mission meet a real need, so they are sufficiently busy and their role is useful/meaningful. Their satisfaction is heightened, because the activities and missions entrusted to them are in line with their skills.
  • We have the right resources in the right places, and therefore the right number of employees for the workload: no more, no less.
  • The company can choose to mobilize employees according to their skills, which means greater variety in the missions they are offered, and a better match with the missions to be covered.
  • Workforce management processes can take into account employee preferences (opening/closing times, preferred activities, unavailability, etc.). Work-life balance is improved.
  • Employees become more involved in the planning process, which improves acceptance.

These are, of course, just a few examples. A good workforce management solution enables the company’s HR policy to be implemented without constraining it.

Who's involved in workforce management?

The contributors to the WFM process are :

  • Management, which drives the corporate culture.
  • Human Resources, the guarantors of a compliant, fair and motivating HR policy.
  • Managers who manage day-to-day operational needs and optimize payroll.
  • Employees, who can now play an active role in the planning process, thanks to the dematerialization of the absence request, planning consultation and preference recording processes, via the Employee portal or on the move.

To streamline the process, these players use WFM software solutions to offload recurring low value-added tasks and refocus on their core business. In this way, they can concentrate on studying and optimizing their workforce management processes.

Workforce Management software solutions: what's in it for the company?

Workforce management is at the heart of the transformation of Human Resources and the digitalization of companies. It enables :

  • Optimized management of the company’s workforce
  • Taking into account regulatory constraints and local agreements to ensure compliance
  • Improved ability to meet customer expectations (including “internal customers” within the company), and thus increased customer satisfaction.
  • Optimized profitability
  • More involved, more motivated employees, greater employee loyalty and lower staff turnover.

Another advantage of a Workforce Management solution is the ability to forecast short- and medium-term staffing requirements. By optimizing the definition of resource requirements and implementing a controlled allocation of employees to these needs, Human Resources and Operational Management can forecast resource requirements and shortfalls for the whole year and beyond. In this way, a more precise and appropriate recruitment plan can be put in place. Future shortages can be targeted and anticipated, and recruitment better calibrated.

Workforce Management and TAM

Workforce Management and T&A

Why talk about workforce management and not TAM? Workforce management includes, but is not limited to, time and activity management.

Chronotime Workplace, Inetum’s workforce management solution, is also an T&A software package (TAM being both its core business and historical expertise). Today, Inetum goes one step further to meet the needs of its customers and HR professionals.

As a workforce management solution, Chronotime Workplace makes it possible to forecast (upstream of planning) the resources required in terms of numbers and skills to meet the company’s operational needs. This forward-looking vision of requirements is invaluable for the company, in that identifying the needs to be covered enables informed and simplified planning.

Another addition to the workforce management process, Chronotime Workplace enables HR performance to be measured thanks to an integrated data analytics solution. This represents a real added value for the company, since the workforce management application concentrates a wealth of data that are indicators of the company’s health and performance.

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The benefits of Chronotime Workplace

Here are just some of the benefits of using Chronotime Workplace to address WFM issues.

Automating manual tasks

Chronotime can automate many manual workforce management tasks, such as scheduling, attendance and absence management, leave management, activity and skills management. This enables managers to save time and concentrate on less time-consuming tasks.

Optimized schedule management

Chronotime enables you to optimally manage employee schedules according to their availability, skills and business needs. The software lets you forecast schedules, make rapid adjustments in the event of last-minute changes, and provide managers and employees with precise information on their schedules and activities. This improves schedule optimization by giving managers better visibility, and employee satisfaction by offering them more suitable working hours and assignments.

Planning optimization

Chronotime helps managers optimize workforce planning based on numerous factors, such as staffing needs, employee skills and qualifications, and regulatory requirements. This reduces the costs associated with schedule changes, optimizes productivity and improves the quality of customer service.

Better real-time workforce visibility

Beyond planning, Chronotime also offers greater visibility of the company’s workforce, providing real-time information on schedules, attendance and absence, leave, equity and other key aspects of workforce management. This can help managers make better-informed decisions and quickly resolve team management issues.

Improved communication

Chronotime helps improve communication between managers and employees, by allowing employees to easily consult their schedules, counters or request time off in a paperless way. It can also facilitate communication between different company departments, enabling managers to coordinate activities or replacements more efficiently.

Error reduction

It also helps reduce errors associated with workforce management, such as scheduling errors, payroll errors and absence management errors. This can enable companies to reduce error-related costs and minimize production or delivery delays.

Improved employee satisfaction

Chronotime enhances employee satisfaction by enabling them to work according to their own schedules and skills. Employee morale and motivation are enhanced.

Efficient human resources management

Chronotime ensures better human resources management by providing useful information about employees, including their experience and availability. This information can help managers make informed decisions on how to assign employees, plan schedules and optimize resources.

Our strengths

Chronotime Workplace features and benefits

Chronotime Workplace is a modular solution that integrates all the functions you would expect from an TAM software package:

  • Absence management portal, workflow…
  • Time calculation (EVP and bonuses; legal and contractual guarantees…
  • Planning (control panel, planning functions, etc.)
  • Activities (planning, monitoring and validation)
  • Business Intelligence (HR reporting, decision-makers, etc.)

Focused on the user experience: simple, ergonomic and designed, it’s quick to learn and requires little training.

Strengthen your employer brand: time and activity management software is a window on Human Resources departments.

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Companies and local authorities revolutionize workforce management

Manage teleworking with Chronotime Workplace

An integral part of organizations’ HR policies, teleworking is becoming increasingly common. Whether it’s a question of improving the employer brand, enhancing well-being at work, or adapting to a difficult context, there are many reasons why organizations are implementing telecommuting on a large scale, whenever the business allows it.

Chronotime Workplace facilitates administrative management and gives companies a clear, global view of their teleworking employees.

Manage telecommuting on a declarative or contractual basis, have teams sign in remotely via their smartphones, measure employee satisfaction… Chronotime Workplace offers a wide range of possibilities and can be adapted to the HR policy of each organization.

Analyze your HR data with Chronotime Workplace

By choosing a business intelligence solution connected to your HRIS, you benefit from valuable indicators on the health of your company. Chronotime Workplace generates standard or customized HR reports to help you measure, analyze and manage your HRIS data.



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