HR Planning

Managing your payroll just got easier!

With over 6 million users, Chronotime Workplace is Europe’s leading time and activity management solution. Overtime, temporary work, fixed-term contracts… Inetum can help you manage your payroll more effectively by making variable payroll elements more reliable, while complying fully with the latest regulatory changes.

Payroll management

Gain peace of mind every day


Do you keep accurate records of overtime hours? Do you have a document specifying the number of on-call hours? Would the Labour Inspectorate be able to keep track of the hours worked by your employees?

Chronotime Workplace answers all these questions. By ensuring the reliability of the variable payroll elements you need to manage your payroll, you gain peace of mind on a day-to-day basis. No need to worry about the risk of fines for non-compliance. With your time and activity management solution, you’ll know exactly what’s going on with schedules, vacations, overtime, etc., in real time.


A 100% webservices solution, accessible on all devices.


Software that can be fully customized to meet your business needs.


A proven solution, already used by over 800 customers.

Real time

Get a better overview of your payroll

Thanks to dashboards updated in real time, HR managers benefit from objective, reliable data for better payroll management. In just one click, they can assess their current and future workforce requirements, making it easier to take the right decisions.

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Business intelligence

Benefit from accurate HR reporting

Chronotime Workplace comes with an optional business intelligence module to customize the indicators you need to manage your payroll.

User experience

Put your employees at the center

Employees, managers, HR managers… with Chronotime Workplace, everyone benefits from an ergonomic interface to make their day-to-day work easier. Whether it’s a question of correcting a badging error, validating leave or getting an overall view of payroll… everything is now accessible via simple, intuitive screens.

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Our technical offer

The freedom of the cloud, the power of mobility

Chronotime Worplace : YOUR solution
Choosing between SaaS or on-premise mode
Towards the most suitable maintenance

Make Chronotime Workplace

YOUR solution

Chronotime Workplace interfaces with all your existing solutions (diary, payroll, training, etc.), enabling you to automate administrative processes so you can concentrate on what really matters: delivering the HR services your employees expect.

Choosing between SaaS or on-premise mode

Chronotime Workplace is available as SaaS or on premise. Hosted by Inetum, Chronotime Workplace benefits from secure datacenters meeting the latest security standards required by the industry.

Select the maintenance solution best suited to your needs

Inetum supports you with two maintenance programs, depending on your needs and organization.

  • Standard support for all incidents with access to releases.
  • Premium support for all incidents with version access.

All with a host of options, such as upgradeable maintenance.

Ready to revolutionize your payroll management?