Chronotime Workplace

Staff at the centre of time and task management processes.

Time and task management can be a real springboard for your organisation. One that will make life easier for your business and HR teams.
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Boost your administrative performance
Reduce input errors and improve payroll processes...
Get a better grip on payroll costs

Extra hours, temporary postings, short-term contracts... streamline your payroll management
Achieve real economies of scale

Use a single scalable software suite to optimize your capital

Aim for performance

Turn your workforce management into an asset

  • Cut back 80% on the management of individual requests (leave, provisional schedule, etc.) from input to payroll processing.
  • Reduce by 90% the time that HR managers spend on entering information in the payroll system.
  • Divide by half the time that front-line managers spend on scheduling and team management.
  • Put an end to time-consuming tasks in error processing, checking and control.

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