Chronotime Workplace weaves its web at the Ministry of the Interior

The customer

Ministry of the Interior


The Ministry of the Interior ensures the maintenance and cohesion of the country’s institutions throughout the country. Its organization and human and material resources are the State’s preferred means of guaranteeing citizens the exercise of their rights, duties and freedoms. Today, its missions revolve around two main areas: Administering the territory and guaranteeing the safety of citizens and property.

150 000

Agents in France


Bases throughout France

The challenge

Streamline processes

For the Ministry of the Interior, it is vital to find efficient solutions to streamline processes, adapt to new legislation, and guarantee data security. ST(SI)² opted for Chronotime Workplace to manage the time and attendance of police officers.” While most of the applications are common to the Police and Gendarmerie, particularly in the operational field, some are specific, such as the management of working hours and activities. Police officers are governed by specific regulations and time cycles, which differ from those of Gendarmerie personnel”, says Patrick Touak, Brigadier General, Deputy Director of the Service des Technologies et des Systèmes d’Information de la Sécurité Intérieure or ST(SI)².

ST(SI)² is gradually rolling out the latest version of Chronotime Workplace, published by its long-standing partner Inetum, to its 150,000 agents.

With this solution, we can integrate all our administration’s specific requirements for managing police officers’ working hours. It optimizes the management of staffing levels according to departmental needs, and eliminates the need for manual data entry and paper-based planning. It saves time for managers, and ensures that operational missions are carried out in accordance with available manpower“, he adds.

What’s more, until now, this perimeter has been governed by 170 bases across the country, depending on the police officer’s sector of activity. Tomorrow, it will be centralized on a single national base.

A technical challenge that now offers standardized procedures and continuity of information.

An ergonomic, fluid and safe solution to ensure agent safety

After starting the project with a scope of 3,000 agents, Chronotime Workplace, which currently covers 25,000 police officers, is gradually extending its reach, with the ambition of reaching its 150,000-strong workforce.

This is no mean feat in the context of this gradual transformation, which calls for fine-tuned, proactive change management.

Our priority is the end user. When you have 150,000 people on the same database, you have to guarantee the system’s performance, respect for agents’ rights, transparency of processes, and demonstrate the day-to-day improvement of this type of system,” he adds.

In this sense, ergonomics, security and access to information must be of impeccable quality.

Our leitmotiv is that they should have no more questions to ask themselves about calculating their entitlements. In concrete terms, via their computer, tablet or NEO smartphone, all they have to do is enter their working hours, and they automatically have access to it.

In addition, centralized data gives commanding levels an overview of their teams’ lives. It offers the opportunity to observe peaks in activity by sector, according to the agent/worktime ratio, and in this way to become aware of possible tensions on the workforce, in order to act accordingly. This is a key aspect of occupational health and safety in a highly sensitive sector.

Patrick Touak

Brigadier General, Deputy Director of ST(SI)