Administrative productivity

Time management becomes an asset in the service of your performance

With over 5.5 million schedules managed, Chronotime Workplace is the benchmark software for organizing working time. Automation, control of data entry errors, regulations… your solution simplifies and rationalizes all HR actions relating to time management.

Objective: a high-performance organization and committed employees.

Simpler, faster, safer time management


What if your HR teams spent less time on repetitive tasks? What if time management and scheduling were automatically linked to payroll? What if the risk of data entry errors was drastically reduced?

With Chronotime Workplace, HR teams benefit from a simple, intuitive tool that enables them to offload low value-added tasks and refocus on their core business.


A 100% webservices solution, accessible on all devices.


Software that can be fully customized to meet your business needs.


A proven solution, already used by over 800 customers.

Personnel planning and management

Automate repetitive tasks

  • Chronotime Workplace interfaces with : PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.
  • With your software, you can automate recaptures and make personnel management easier.
  • No need to cross-reference complex tools and spreadsheets to draw up pay slips.
  • Chronotime Workplace connects directly to all your HR tools.
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Return on investment

Save time… and money

By interfacing with your HR software, Chronotime Workplace saves your HR teams a considerable amount of time. On average, companies not previously equipped with ATM systems cut the time needed to manage a claim by 80%, from data entry to payroll processing.

Another important added value: your solution guarantees regulatory compliance, thus preventing criminal sanctions in the event of breaches of working time regulations.

User experience

Engage your teams

Because we are convinced that the organization of working time should not be seen as a constraint, we have designed Chronotime Workplace with a particular focus on the user experience.

With its fluid display and ergonomic interface, Chronotime Workplace is designed to facilitate the day-to-day work of HR teams.

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Our technical offer

The freedom of the cloud, the power of mobility

A solution designed for you
Saas or on premise
And maintenance?

Make Chronotime Workplace YOUR solution

Chronotime Workplace interfaces with all your existing solutions (diary, payroll, training, etc.), enabling you to automate administrative processes so you can concentrate on what really matters: delivering the HR services your employees expect.

Choosing between SaaS or on-premise mode

Chronotime Workplace is available as SaaS or on premise. Hosted by Inetum, Chronotime Workplace benefits from secure datacenters meeting the latest security standards required by the industry.

Select the maintenance solution best suited to your needs

Inetum supports you with two maintenance programs, depending on your needs and organization.

  • Standard support for all incidents with access to releases.
  • Premium support for all incidents with version access.

All with a host of options, such as upgradeable maintenance.

Ready to revolutionize your administrative productivity?