Why TAM is the best showcase for your HR transformation


While time and activity management (TAM) is changing organizations, it is also making HR practices more fluid and secure. But in reality, TAM does much more: it offers new experiences while enhancing the employer brand. Stéphane Dubois, Director of Inetum’s Chronotime division, explains.

HR Transformation: towards a visible and measurable metamorphosis

No more scheduling headaches for managers. Gone is the costly “over-staffing” for companies. Gone are the hours spent calculating payroll. Gone are the pay errors that irritate employees. Time and activity management software has positive spin-offs at every level.

The effects are tangible, visible and quickly measurable. And that’s all thanks to HR!

Time management meets the demand for HR services

On their personal time, smartphone in hand, employees are connected and agile consumers. Why shouldn’t they be the same at work? “Employees are expecting professional tools of the same order as what they use in the private sphere,” says Stéphane Dubois, director of the Chronotime division at Inetum. “They expect HR to provide them with services“. Posting requests and consulting information, schedules, working hours, vacation balances, at any time, anywhere, on any device: it’s living a new HR experience. And the time and activity management tool becomes a strong, unifying vector of satisfaction. “It really changes the way employees think about HR“, says Stéphane Dubois.

A powerful confidence builder

Timetables, breaks, recovery time, vacations, RTT, overtime… TAM provides employees with the guarantee of working in a compliant and regulatory environment. Policies also become fairer. The scheduling solution matches resources to activity volumes.

It detects employees who work weekends or staggered working hours. “Digital transformation thus builds an environment of trust,” assures the Chronotime division manager. “All these elements change employee appreciation“.

Expectations of autonomy and flexibility fulfilled

By deploying an TAM tool, HR is in tune with a recurring demand: to offer greater autonomy and flexibility. Digital technology opens up a whole new range of possibilities and organizational modes, enabling employees to set their own preferences for working hours and vacations, exchange tasks between colleagues and telecommute. “Being in charge of your own schedule was unthinkable before digital technology. The TAM tool supports these new aspirations for greater autonomy and responsibility,” notes Stéphane Dubois.

Here’s to new talent!

Services, autonomy, flexibility, compliance and confidence: there’s no shortage of advantages to be gained from an TAM tool! And they even address a major HR challenge: recruitment and talent management. Many sectors are struggling to recruit,” explains Stéphane Dubois. In this context, reinforcing well-being and providing the tools to facilitate it is fundamental“.

What if your digital transformation via TAM was the best advertisement for your HR policy?